There are some maintenance items to be thinking about when maintaining a diesel engine that you may not think about quite so much when maintaining a gasoline engine. For instance water or debris in the fuel can harm the injector pump or injectors.  It is important to always follow any recommended scheduled maintenance that the manufacturer recommends. 

Changing the fuel filter frequently will help minimize water and debris in the fuel system. Depending on the application this can mean changing it every oil change. I would not recommend running a fuel filter longer than 15,000 miles. A fuel additive is important. This additive will remove any water in the fuel and add a lubricant to improve injector and injection pump life. SCA coolant additives are also important to prevent cavitation which will erode the cylinder walls and coolant seals. We can test your coolant for you. It is wise to replace your coolant and keep an additve in the system to prevent cavitation.

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